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Recent News

Spring Fling Cabaret is a showcase of local talent


Spring Fling CabaretLeaping Thespians, Vancouver’s lesbian theatre company has teamed up with ¿Por Qué No? Productions to present a Spring Fling Cabaret.

The inaugural event for ¿Por Qué No? Productions, the showcase of local talent includes original sketch comedy by the Leaping Thespians, live musical performances from Jingo and featuring Rae Clark, burlesque performances from Jenny Magenta, Tilly the Toolbox, Lace Cadet, and the debut of Mista Peach Fuzz.  Stand-up comedy is also on the marquee with Laugh Riot girl, Wanda Roberts, plus drag king performances by Cazzwell van Dyke, Lou Slips, and more.  The evening will conclude with dancing with music from DJ She.

“We believe this life is not a dress rehearsal – it is your one and only shot, so why not live it and live it joyfully,” says organizers in a release.  “We are excited to show you the amazing talents of people we know and encourage you to explore yours too.”

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Lowest Common Denominator is more than its potential controversial subject


Lowest Common DenominatorIt isn’t often a playwright will write with a specific actor in mind, but with Dave Deveau’s latest play Lowest Common Denominator it all started with a conversation at last year’s Jessie Awards.

“Deb [Williams] was sitting beside me when I won my award for My Funny Valentine last year and leaned across and whispered that she really wanted to work with me on a project,” says Deveau on a break from rehearsals.

Knowing Williams’ work, Deveau started to write, but it was well into the process before the award-winning playwright landed on the potentially controversial subject matter.

“I started thinking about what would happen if this middle-aged divorcee walked into a room and interrupted something,” says Deveau.

That “something” turned out to be Williams’ character Harmony, a middle-age divorcee, walking in on her seventeen year-old son Trevor, played by up-and-comer Dallas Sauer, kissing the man she had just been on a date with, played by veteran actor Shawn Macdonald.

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