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Queer As Funk wants you to dance your ass off


Queer as Funk VancouverWith its New Year’s Eve show nearly sold out and the buzz it has received since forming just eight months ago, Queer As Funk is quickly developing a reputation for its relatable and danceable music.

But that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since Motown is Queer As Funk’s de facto band leader and trumpet player Alison Gorman’s go-to music.  “I love Motown,” she says.  “It is what I love to listen to and what I find myself listening to at home.”

Keeping their audience in mind, Gorman says that the reason the band chose Motown (with a little soul and funk for good measure) was its desire to get people dancing and an eye to the potentially lucrative wedding business.

“People like to dance to Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse.  It is very danceable music.  Besides, in the back of my mind I wanted to corner the gay wedding market,” laughs Gorman.

“It’s also very accessible music that most people are most familiar with and can sing along to,” adds lead singer Connie Buna.

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