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Dr. Jennifer Rodrigues, Ed.D, R.C.C

206-4545 West 10th Avenue (604) 729 4129

Change is possible. Living fully and Living courageously is possible.

I offer counselling to help you transform how you experience and live your life, whether that entails helping you process and move through difficult emotions; manage anxiety and stress; deal with relationship concerns as well as issues specific to glbqt clients; major life transitions, or chronic illnesses.

I foster your individual authenticity, trust in yourself and profound sense of self-worth.

In particular, through immersion in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy [AEDP], I have learnt to help people transform difficult emotional states and become closer to who they really are. Further, I am trained to work with couples through Emotionally focused therapy [EFT]; in the use of EMDR to overcome the impact of trauma; and have extensive training and experience in mindfulness and awareness practices that support emotional regulation and stress management.