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Judge's Indian Cuisine

Judge's Indian Cuisine

1188 Davie Street (604) 602 1558

Judge's Indian Cuisine invites you into a world of exotic flavors and time honored traditions in cooking and dining. Experience Indian Cuisine at its finest.

Indian cuisine is a combination of many subtle tastes. Flavors are as varied as the climate of India, and as exotic as the people of India. Fragrant, pungent and warm spices from the four corners of the country are delicately blended in meticulous proportions to create the dishes we present to you. Each dish will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma which cannot come from any curry powder from spices which have to be separately prepared each day fresh for each individual dish. The blending and preparation of spices is a centuries-old craft and indispensable to Indian cuisine.

Free Delivery after 5 pm (minimum order of $20).