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Restaurants & Coffee

With some of the highest rated dining in all of Vancouver, Davie Village has your cravings covered. See All »

Bars & Pubs

For when you're looking to dance, sit down and enjoy a craft beer, or anything in between. See All »

Personal Care

Get the best care for your nails, hair and body in the Davie Village. See All »

Home and Garden

Everything from new appliances, repairs, paint, flowers, art, and much more. See All »


Everything you need to live is just steps away when you're in the Village. See All »

Apparel Care

Dry cleaning, laundry, clothing alterations and repairs. See All »

Health & Medicine

Keep your body, teeth and mind healthy. See All »


Buy or repair computers, phones and other electronics. See All »


Find gay/LGBTQ-friendly law offices to help you. See All »

Funeral Services

Offering compassionate care in your time of loss. See All »

Real Estate

Find the perfect home in Vancouver to stay. See All »